The Weekly Sketch - Jennette's Pier, OBX

December 9, 2015

One of my absolute favorite things I get to do as a wedding invitation designer is make my clients invitations unique.  My goal is to create each design to be personal and special to the couple and sometimes, I find I have to really scratch away at a brides personality (or let's be honest: Pinterest board!) to figure out what will be the thing to make magic happen.  Often times, it's as simple as adding a custom illustration or watercolor to their suite.  Now, I promise I don't push my drawings on my brides (I swear) but when it does happen that a client requests one, I get giddy! Illustrations are my thing and so today, I debut my fabulous new Wednesday blog series: The Weekly Sketch!  


Pop the champagne peeps, Chloe is blogging! 


My most recent and current favorite sketch is of Jennette's Pier in the Outer Banks.  This is crazy special because it's going on my cousins invitation for his June 2016 wedding!  I promise once the design is finished and the invitations are out, I'll give you a little peek of the final suite!  Uh, this was such a joy to create!  Isn't it a beaut'?! 


Now, can we fast forward to the summer, so I can be on the beach inside this wonderful building?! Pretty please.


Happy hump day my lovelies!



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