3 Tips for Registering for Your Wedding

A few weeks ago, at Crate & Barrel's private registry event, I had flashbacks of my OWN wedding registry experience.

Tip #1: Put your registry in the right place!

This is going to surprise you. Ready? Proper wedding etiquette says that the ONLY invitation that should have your registry information on it is the bridal shower invitation. Not on your bachelorette invites and definitely not on your wedding day invitation!

If one of my couples strongly requests it, I will do an insert (just a little card) with the registry info to go inside the formal invitation suite. Otherwise, your registry details go on your shower invitation and on your wedding website. NEVER ever put your registry info on social media! It is, to be blunt with you (because I care about you!), tacky.

Tip #2: Be Thoughtful About What You Choose!

Creating a wedding registry is like writing your Christmas list. It's easy to add, add, add, add ALL kinds of things just because they're cute or seem handy. Plus, Crate and Barrel has this awesome feature now where you don’t need the barcode gun to scan, you do it right on your phone. Dangerous, right?

On the other side of that, if you've already been building a home together, you may already HAVE a lot of the usual registry gadgets (towels, kitchen goodies, decor, etc.). Here are a few ideas inspired by some of the wedding gifts I still cherish 11 years later:

Really Great Sheets -- It may seem like a strange thing to register for, but there is something so luxurious about high thread count sheets!

Cookbooks -- Try to cook together once a month from a recipe you’ve not tried before. Joe and I registered for the Newlywed Cookbook!

Photo Frames -- Nice heirloom frames that will match your home's style. Document your years together and tell your story in your home. I got nine 14x18” frames to fill that will go on our upstairs landing with a sign that says “Every family has a story, this is ours.” I love picking the photos that we'll update the frames with!

Pyrex -- Honestly, you cannot have too many of these. They're glass, so you don't have to worry about the weird plastic chemicals we keep hearing about online getting on your leftovers or meal planning dishes!

Tip #3: Keep Your Decor in Mind

I'm sure it's super tempting right now to register for everything that Chip & Joanna are selling at Target. I have that problem every time I walk in myself! But, all the gorgeous neutrals aside, it's important to keep your decor style in mind as you register for things like towels, china, serving trays, bar cart knick knacks, etc.

While you're using your phone or the fun scanner gun to add away, keep at least a color palate in mind for your future home! You won't want a red KitchenAid, gold bar cart accessories, and that cute pink Keurig! If you're not sure about a color scheme yet, stick with the tried and true stainless steel and white that will match anything.

Of course, the most important tip to creating a great, thoughtful, practical wedding registry is to enjoy the process. You know that scene in 27 Dresses where Katherine Heigel is explaining to the journalist that she isn't just registering her sister for a vase . . . she's registering her for the vase that will hold the flowers that her husband will bring her on a random week day just because.

It may be a cheesy movie, but it's a sweet thought. You aren't just registering for "stuff." You're choosing the little bits and pieces that will be part of your new life together. It's real and it's FUN and it's important!

With love and light,

Chloe x

Photos credit: Marie Violet Photography

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