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Welcome to Wednesday, blog friends! I've been working on so many proofs and paintings this week that I'm not sure what day it is . . . until I realize it's time to write Tea with Chloe, so it must be Wednesday!

There might be snow here in Virginia, but Spring is happening here in the ETP studio! I'm slightly obsessed with these florals I get to work on for a client! The couple lives in Nashville, and they've taken me out of my comfort zone with their more earthy, natural vibe.

I like to use pretty concentrated watercolors with just a LITTLE bit of water, as you can see on my tray here. I'm originally trained in acrylics, so I like to push my paints (and my comfort zone!) to the limit! My clients actually comment on my detailed and more saturated take on watercolors, so I think it's something that makes my work stand out. (That sounds like another English Tea Educates blog, doesn't it??)

I'm also working on a spectacular monogram that I'm IN LOVE with, but I can't show it because it's top secret until my sweet bride approves & mails her invitations! ;)

I get a lot of questions about how many pieces I work on at a time. Now would be a good time to tell you -- it's a LOT! Here's the rundown:

- Spring florals

- vineyard line drawing (picture below!)

- secret monogram with gold and peonies

- a SECOND secret monogram featuring peonies in paint

- map of Cape Cod

- map of RVA

So yes, I work on a lot at a time! I'm always a little nervous when I paint for clients -- I want them to be just right! To be 100% honest (because the blog is all about honesty this year!), it's a struggle to balance being a design perfectionist and an artist. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I'm creating custom art, not just making sure all the times and names and dates are centered and aligned! Little "imperfections" are what art . . . art. Don't you think?


Chloe x

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