All the Good Things: Looking Back at 2017

I really don't like to brag. Seriously, Joe (the hubby) asks me all the time why I don't post about awards that English Tea Paperie wins or recognition that my business has gotten. While I'm always humbled and grateful that my industry peers or clients or editors have loved my work or enjoying working with me, I just don't want to seem . . . braggy. Does anyone else feel this way? Half-proud, half too scared what everyone is going to think if you share something?

I believe as an artist though that it's really important to take a step back to feel proud of what you've created. When you turn art into a profession, it is so easy to get burnt out or doubt your abilities. Sometimes you have to set your vision and ideas aside to make someone else's vision come to life. I love the collaboration. After serving 38 clients in 2017, it's nice to look back and feel like they enjoyed collaborating with me, too!

So, here's a look back at just a small selection of awesome things that happened in the world of English Tea Paperie last year!

This unforgettable geode suite was the perfect collaboration between Aleshia and I to make her gorgeous ideas come to life.

Photo by David Abel Photography

I also got to collaborate with Caroline of Posh PR, to create actual Caroline dolls for every occasion. We made Caroline sketches for her stunning ad in Virginia Living, we made wedding day Caroline, Christmas Caroline, and more! I loved doing a more fashion-infused project.

And speaking of Virginia Living . . . we won the A List in Richmond Bride AND Best of the Best in Virginia Living for the second year in a row! 2ND YEAR!!

I really loved creating travel inspired Save the Dates and wedding day papers for Rudy & Rebecca! I mean, how many times do you get to create paper airplane save the dates?!

Photo by Annamarie Akins Photography

2017 also marked a big business collaboration when I co- hosted the Wedding Stationery Collective Business Intensive in Raleigh, NC. It was our 2nd retreat in less than a year. Putting on a retreat is exhausting, but I will never get tired of helping other artists make their businesses more successful.

Photo by Heather Chipps Photography

More than anything, this post is about saying THANK YOU. Thank you to the 10 artists who trusted The Wedding Stationery Collective to teach them. Thank you to the fellow wedding vendors who let me stretch my creativity on fun projects. Thank you to everyone who voted for English Tea Paperie as your favorite wedding stationer! And most importantly, thank you to the 38 couples who believed in me this past year. Without you all, English Tea Paperie would have stopped at my own wedding invitations. :)

Next week, come right back here to read all about the lessons I learned in 2017 and the big plans I have for 2018!!

Until then!


Chloe x



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