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That's it. I am fully, completely, 100% a believer in planning spontaneous family trips. When we got back from the beach, I just felt like it wasn't enough time for all of us to be out and about together before Emma and Joe go back into school world while I'm in wedding paper world! So . . . what better way to put off those worlds than with Harry Potter World??

Not that I want to put off my work with my ETP brides, but I have really learned the importance of rest and recharging this year. I've come to understand that an artist needs to rest and recharge just as much as he/she needs to create. What's that whole bit about not being able to pour from an empty cup? Well, after these few days of fun and magic with my two favorite people, my cup runneth over.

I can honestly say I'm not sure who loved it more: Joe & I or Emma. So, that means I am about to bombard you all with photos of our trip and make you all book your own trip!

Emma was excited to just be in Florida!

I truly believe the "When in Rome" saying and so, "When in character land, one must take photos with everyone!"

Harry Potter World was truly something else. The King's Cross train station completely reminded me of home (I've taken many a train from the real London King's Cross Station!), and it was easy to get lost in the little shops and snow-capped buildings.

Gringotts Wizarding Bank made me feel very lucky indeed that my bankers don't look like this!!

Of course, we had to have a glass (or 3) of butter beer!! Our favorite was the frozen version because it was approximately 1,000 degrees in Florida. Frozen butter beer definitely made that easier to handle!!

We also ate and drank all the bad and sugary things, so the healthy lifestyle will need to restart next week!

One thing I completely adopted on this vacation was au-natural hair. There was no winning the humidity war, so I let my hair do as it wished. Although we were there fully for Universal Studios, we did make a small pit stop at Disney Springs where my husband reminded once again why he's so awesome. He demanded I take the cheesy photo below "for your blog, Chloe." Like I said, amazing guy!

Now, in the name of FULL AND COMPLETE transparency, I did do some work on this trip. I know, I know! But that's the thing about owning your own business: there are pros and there are cons. There are major advantages, like being able to plan spontaneous trips with your family and make memories that will last and last. If I wasn't my own boss, it would't be as easy for our family to take advantage of Joe and Emma's summer vacation schedule. I am so, so grateful. But there are sacrifices, like working from your hotel room in Florida.

And you know what? I'm learning to be OK with that balance. (Pretty certain that BALANCE is my word for 2017.) To reap the benefits of being a small-business boss lady, you have to lean into the sacrifices as well. So, to wrap up this personal, fun post with a more serious lesson (haha), I leave you with some advice. Don't let your life slip away while you're working. Don't keep your head so far down into your day to day duties that you miss the BIG REASON you wanted to be your own boss in the first place: FREEDOM.


Chloe x

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