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Now that I'm back in the ETP office, we are in FULL SWING. There might be paint and paper everywhere, but that's how I like things!

Since Amanda and I started the Wedding Stationery Collective to bring our fellow wedding stationers together AND bring them education, I've been bitten by the teaching bug. There just aren't a ton of resources out there for wedding stationery artists, specifically. But I've loved every minute of teaching artists and helping other stationers make their visions come to life. Speaking and educating has become my jam, so I wanted to bring that to my blog!

This week, I want to show you a new venue painting in progress and tell you about the tools I use to create my illustrations!

I get asked all the time what kind of paints and brushes I use, so I'll tell you! My favorite paints to use are Winsor & Newton. I paint most of my work in Payne's grey, which is that yummy steely blue you see a lot on my Insta feed.

Why Payne's grey? Because I'm English, and our life is about grey. Kidding, kidding . . . kind of! Payne's grey is just a really good grey-ish blue that scans well and allows me to switch to any color in editing. It’s the color I first used and it just stuck! Plus, a lot of my clients want a true navy for their paintings, so when that happens, I don’t have to edit the colors. Also, painting in true black feels too harsh for me!

As far as brushes go, I mostly use Cotman brushes, a Winsor & Newton brand, because they are mid-priced and available at most Hobby Lobby stores in a majority of sizes. I tend to be a bit rougher on my brushes, so the price of these allows me to replace them easily. Plus, Winsor & Newton is a British company so . . . duh.

Most often, I'm using #2 and #10/0 brushes.

(Side note: The brush pictured above is a #3 brush that's NOT a Cotman, but I had just finished shading and adding the grass, so I was using a thicker brush. So we'll let that slide!)

So if you couldn't tell that this was the Virginia Historical Society before, now you can! This is one my favorite sights on Boulevard in Richmond, so I love that I got to paint it for an ETP bride!

I also get a lot of questions about the trays I use and if I save paint that I've mixed for custom colors. I have a bunch of trays and use different ones for different projects (depending on how much paint I need to mix). Most small paintings only require a small tray (watercolor paint goes a loooooooooong way!), so I use a folding tray so I can close the tray and reuse the same paint the next day if I want to add in extra details or anything.

Lastly, the all important paper! I like the Strathmore 400 series pads, because again, they are readily available at stores like Hobby Lobby AND on Amazon. I use these for most paintings that will be scanned and put into an invitation design. If I’m selling an original piece, I use individual professional grade papers that are 100% cotton.

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I hope any artists out there, whether you're painting as a hobby or painting for clients, found some new things to try here! If there's something you'd love to learn about, leave a comment!

Have a fab weekend!


Chloe x

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