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Hello from South Carolina!  That's right, I'm writing from sandy beaches and salty air!  The Minyons are on a much-needed family vacation!  Confession: I DID pack up my desk (well, everything ON the desk, not the actual desk) to do a little work, but I do think my client design boards are better with the sunshine effect.  ;)  Now that I think of it, this is the second trip I have taken with my printer in the backseat.  If that's not dedication, I don't know what is.  There might be an invitation envelope emergency!

Don't worry though, we ARE having plenty of fun away from the printer.  See below.  ;)  While we're here, Joe's inner child is coming out and reminding me all over again why I love him so much.  Also, Emma's transformation into my mini-me is complete with her red lipstick.  These two are the best things in my life.  Seriously.  

While we're here at the beach, my interview with the Richmond Times-Dispatch came out!  It killed me not to be in Richmond to get my hands on a copy (or five), but my sweet friend Amanda came to the rescue and sent me a picture.  If you didn't snag a paper, you can read the interview here!  

While in SC, I also got sneak peeks of some of my favorite invitations and day of papers from two wonderful photographers! First, remember my Trump Winery bride, Liz?  I got some gorgeous photos from Jillian Michelle Photography! I'M IN LOVE.

Then, I got photos of Cara and Trey's wedding from Caroline Lima Photography!  Cara was also interviewed for the Richmond Times-Dispatch article.  I absolutely loved working with her on these custom watercolors for all of her wedding papers.  Cara, you looked perfect, and by the way, do not think that your wedding is good-bye for us.  I believe I already hear Cooper's Hawk calling our names!

This is Cara and her maid of honor, Brittney, another 2017 ETP bride!  Brittney, I cannot wait for your wedding!!  It's going to be worthy of confetti, if you know what I mean.  ;) 

Also, it is not a requirement for ETP brides to be knock outs, but it just seems to keep happening!  Look at these girls! 

In the past week, I also got to see my work hanging on someone's walls.  It's such a cool feeling . . . and I'm hoping it's going to be happening more when the ETP Print Shop opens next month!  If you want to be the first to know about ALL the pretty things coming, sign up for the newsletter! You won't be sorry you did.  ;)

Now, I'm off to go get my hands on a cocktail and put my feet in the pool.  


Chloe x

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