The Story of English Tea Paperie

Ok, so I did it. I'm blogging! Eek, this is nerve wracking.

For those of you who do not know, English Tea Paperie came from my (deleted many years ago) social blog, English Tea. I began the blog back in the early 2000's out of pure frustration and loneliness. I had just moved to the U.S after marrying my 4-H camp love, Joe and Immigration had taken my passport captive, in order to process my resident visa. The visa took almost a year to complete. A YEAR people! Bored out of my brain with no drivers license, no social security card and no job, I stayed home and read blogs. Lots of blogs.

Now long story short, you guessed it, reading blogs led to writing a blog. So began English Tea. My readers became friends. Actual friends - I mean, when I became pregnant with my daughter Emma, her nursery and closet were literally filled because of them. But that is a whole other blog post that I promise to get to one day.

I discussed with these friends that I really wanted and needed a purpose. I wanted something to do. First came grosgrain key fobs. FLOP. Next came gift baskets. MAJOR FLOP. Then, after unpacking my sketch pads one day, I decided to scan my drawings and put them on to note cards. BOOM. That was it. Illustrated note cards. I asked my readers to name the business and here we are. English Tea Paperie. If I could remember the gal who suggested the name, I'd give her a big ol' shout out and virtual hug!

OK OK, so where do the wedding invitaitons come in? Let's go back to that 4-H camp love shall we....

After a beautiful proposal on the beach, followed by a serious allergy attack (another blog post - see, I have you hooked already!) it came time to plan my dream wedding.

I knew exactly what I wanted for my invitations. At the time, back in 2006, there was only really 2 places to get them and I wasn't about to spend $9 a piece (did you read "immigration" and "visa" above?!!) so I decided to make them myself. My best friend worked at a wedding boutique in Wake Forest, NC and ordered all of my supplies wholesale. With my stanley knife and hot glue gun (I'm not kidding) I made my very own blush pink square pocket backs. Ahh, I loved them! I'm so glad I've upgraded my tools since then though, because 100 of those suckers gave me blisters and cuts and quite honestly, I'm not sure how I did it!

The original English Tea Paperie wedding suite, photographed 9 years later with gorgeous Frou Frou Chic ribbon

I had my little map in the back, ribbon wrapped underneath and they were divine. I would recreate them in a heartbeat, in fact, I may just do so for my 10th anniversary coming up next year. Can you imagine how fabulous they'll look now that I've "mastered" my trade?!

Well, I received so many compliments from my guests on my invitations that before I knew it, I was creating invitaitons for my bridesmaids. A blog reader asked to meet with me for her daughters wedding. I received online requests. A few years later English Tea Paperie was receiving more requests for weddings over note cards that I planned to phase out the stationery and move right on in to the wedding world. And here we are today. The story of English Tea Paperie.

Welcome! I can't wait to see what the future has in store for this little home-based business. Let's do this!

Photo credits: Shalese Danielle Photography

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